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I haven’t had this issue since high school… Well I suppose once in a while it happens, but not enough to where I’d say I have a serious issue with it.


remember that one time the chief superintendent called sherlock a weirdo and john punched him in the fucking face

173/? the sign of three caps


Favorite (and slightly underrated) Sherlock moments [22/x]

the unpopped collar gets me every time


what if he just turned up to a crime scene like this one day




Requested by @mychemical-why

It’s really odd to see Seb as the nerd? Jim is so interchangeable with both roles, but Seb not so much. Still, he’s a pretty cute nerd <3

There’s nothing to be done. I’m not a villain, I have no evil plan. I’m a businessman, acquiring assets. You happen to be one of them.